Origami Electric

Origami Electric model

With the Origami Electric model comfort and practicality are emphasized: while comfortly lying down, is possible to change the inclinations of the risers by activating the provided remote control, thus assuming the preferred inclination.

The bed frame is composed of 24 beech plywood slats, 38 x8 mm wide and steam-bent, and of 4 double slats in the central area that ensure greater resistance to the bed base. The double version has independents risers, operated by two separated remote controls, in a single frame that is equipped with a 5th central foot. Moreover, it is possible to have a V2 synchronizer cable which allows to connect, simultaneously, all the risers, using a single remote control. In the 120 cm version the slats are 10-12 mm thick.

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Origami Electric
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