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Galaxy Fixed model

Continuous researches on materials and technology in the sleep culture have led to excellent goals.

The HYTREL material is the result of these accurate researches: its versatility, its resistance and its return memory, after being subjected to load stresses, has classified it among the most important and essential components for the realization of orthopedic bed frames. The central part of the bed is the most subjected to body weight because we move from the sitting position to the extended one. For this reason, the central area is supported by double slats regulated by sliders or bridges, depending on the weight or according to specific needs. The Galaxy model provides an exceptional support and is compatible with mattresses as sensible as the latex, the memory foam and the micromolle ones. The cushioning system of each support allows the mattress to adhere homogeneously over the entire bed, modeling and adapting itself to specifics needs and weight. The bed frame is composed of 26 beech plywood slats, 38x8 mm wide, steam-bent, and 9 double slats in the central area. In the double version the 40 mm central spar and the 5th central foot guarantee maximum strength. In the 120 cm version the slats are 10-12 mm thick.

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