Ergo 3 Fixed

Ergo 3 Fixed model

The Ergo 3 Fixed Model, is composed of 39 slats, 25 mm wide, plus 9 double slats in the central area, and includes all those aspects essential for a better rest:

in addition to the sensibility of the slats, it offers to the mattress a greater ventilation, quality very important for its long term maintenance. The shock absorbing system of each support allows the mattress to adhere homogeneously over the entire bed, modeling and adapting itself to specifics needs and weight. In the double version the 40 mm central spar and the 5th central foot guarantee maximum strength. In the 120 cm version the slats are 10-12 mm thick.

Ergo 3 fixed
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Ergo 3 ATP
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Ergo 3 Electric
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