The Cazzato furniture factory is a symbol of an absolute commitment placed at the service of total quality that starts from the first design phase. Present for over 50 years in the woodworking industry, the company has always stood out among the first in Puglia and in the national field for its highly qualified products.

New: no-reflux

Unfortunately, some diseases do not allow it, such as gastro-oesophageal reflux, very common among the different age groups. This type of slat has been designed to alleviate this phenomenon during the hours of sleep. The correct inclination of the entire floor allows you to have a continuous sleep, without the annoying interruptions due to the sense of suffocation caused, precisely, by reflux.

Model Tekna

Thanks to the continuous research and innovative materials inherent in healthy rest systems, the Tekna model is the most technologically advanced. The 48 plates, realized in Hitrel, create a surface of 48 zones completely independent in their flexibility, also allowing to obtain different densities of rigidity thanks to a regulator positioned on the surface, allowing to have the optimal maximum according to your needs. They are positioned on a polymer alloy slat, also designed to ensure correct functionality. The Tekna model, in addition to its particular elegance, encompasses everything related to relaxation, comfort and especially a healthy rest.

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