Ergo 2 Fixed Carbon

Ergo 2 Fixed Carbon model

Referring to an orthopedic bed frame to define a product suitable for proper rest is very generic.

The ERGO2 model, in addition of being realized in beech plywood with an excellent quality of the finish, represents one of the most important furnishing complements. The cushioning system of each support allows the mattress to adhere homogeneously over the entire bed, modeling and adapting itself to specifics needs and weight. The 26 slats, 38x8 mm wide, inserted into SEBS supports guarantee all the necessary for a correct and healthy sleep: to rest properly is synonymous with health and our bed bases allow it. In the central area there are 6 double slats that ensure greater resistance to the bed base. In the double version the 40 mm central spar and the 5th central foot guarantee maximum strength. In the 120 cm version the slats are 10-12 mm thick. The carbon fiber slats combined with the beech plywood slats, guarantee to the bed homogeneity and elasticity over the years, as they are positioned in the area more subjected to weight pressure. This also ensures a long lasting preservation of the mattress.

Ergo 2 fixed Carbon
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Ergo 2 ATP Carbon
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Ergo 2 Electric Carbon
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