Medical Presidium

Our networks with medical facilities belong to Class 1 and meet all the applicable provisions of the aforementioned directive 93/47 / CEE and s.m.i. on Medical Devices, implemented by Legislative Decree 46797.

The Ergo2 A.T.P. model, given its characteristics and the presence of reclining risers in 12 different positions

information Ergo 2 ATP

As well as the ATP version, also the electric version of the ERGO 2 model, having ascertained its benefits during sleep, has been equipped with a medical facility.

information Ergo 2 Electric

In the headrest, footrest version, the reclining and adjustable risers play an important role in healthy sleep. During the hours of sleep it is an excellent remedy and relief for various diseases, including neck pain, heaviness in the legs and proper breathing.

information Ergo 2 ATP PLUS

As the A.T.P. version, the Electric version of the Ergo2 Model, certified its benefits during sleep, has become a medical device too.

information Ergo 2 Electric PLUS

Our health depends on some important factors, such as a proper and balanced diet, sport and regular sleep. Unfortunately, some diseases do not permit an healthy sleep, as for example the gastroesophageal reflux disease, very common among different age groups.

information No Reflux Manual

The Electric version makes the efficiency of the NO-REFLUX bed frame, even more complete:

information No Reflux Electric

This model is a variant of the NO REFLUX bedspring, designed to combat gastroesophageal reflux disorders during sleep.

information No Reflux Plus Manual

This version of the NO-REFLUX PLUS bed frame, is much more efficient of the manual one, as it allows to take the desired inclinations by activating the remote control, comfortably lying down and without making any effort.

information No Reflux Plus Electric

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